To The Ends of the Earth

Pacific Hell:  Jim Shekhdar


First transmitted on C4, Monday 27th May, 2002 at 9.00 pm



This unusual film tracked one of the most remarkable journeys of recent times.



 “This is the incredible story of Jim Shekhdar’s journey across the Pacific, alone and unassisted, in a 23ft rowing boat made of plywood.  When he decided to do it, he was due for a hip operation, overweight and frightened of the sea.  One of his daughters reckoned he was having a mid-life crisis.  The other thought he ought to be sectioned. His wife dreamed of killing him.  But set off he did, rowing away form Peru armed with bars of chocolate, a machine for turning sea water into drinking water and The Greatest Hits of Leonard Cohen, and his one luxury item – a lavatory.  Nine months later he waded on to the Australian shore, Neptune emerging from the ocean.”        Times


“A splendid documentary” Sunday Times


“Immensely entertaining”  Independent


“extraordinary……genuine emotion that will live on in the mind.” Daily Mail






To The Ends of the Earth

Pacific Hell:  Jim Shekhdar



Photography            Mike Fox

Music                       David Poore

Production Manager  Ginny Watts

Assistant Producer    Laura Humphreys

Film Editor                David Barrett

Executive Producer   Rob MacIver



Producer & Director  Hugh Thomson


A Granada Production for C4